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  • 1.

    Connect the JoyCon into the rails on the side of the console and lift the device from the dock.

    For more information on connecting the JoyCon controllers, see the Playing Handheld Mode topic.
  • 2.

    Select your desired language and press A.

  • 3.

    Select your desired region and press A.

  • 4.

    Scroll to Important Information and press A to read about the consoles licensing and updates.

  • 5.

    Scroll to Next and press A to continue with the setup.

  • 6.

    The console will search automatically for local wireless access points.

  • 7.

    Scroll to the desired Network and press A.

  • 8.

    Enter the password using the on screen keyboard and press Plus Button on the controller or scroll to OK and press A.

  • 9.

    Choose the relevant Time Zone and press A.

  • 10. Select Connect to TV using the A Button. Alternatively select Later using the A Button.
  • 11. Following the on screen instructions, remove the JoyCon controllers from the main unit, using the Release Buttons on the Rear.
  • 12.

    In order to use the console you must set up a user profile, to start this press A.

  • 13.

    If creating a new profile select Create Own Icon for the profile and press A.

  • 14.

    Enter a Nickname and press the Plus Button or scroll to OK and press A.

  • 15.

    Press A to select OK.

  • 16.

    Select one of the following to Sign into or Create a Nintendo account or alternatively scroll to Later and press A.

    To create an account you will need to visit to set up an account.

  • 17. Once completed, select your Parental Controls preferences, or scroll to Skip and press A.
  • 18. Press the Home Button on the JoyCon controller to finalize set up.