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  • 1. From the PS3 XMB Home screen scroll to Settings.
  • 2. Scroll to System Settings and press the X button
  • 3.

    Scroll to Restore PS3 System and press the X button.

  • 4. Scroll to Yes and then press the X button.
  • 5.

    You will now have the following options:

    Quick Format — The format option will be completed in the shortest amount of time, but the least amount of processing will be done. If a specialised tool is used, it may be possible for some deleted data to be restored.

    Full Format — All data on the hard disk will be removed.

  • 6. Select the desired option (E.g. Quick Format) and press the X button.
  • 7.

    Scroll to Yes and press the X button.

  • 8. Your console will now restore the System Settings.
  • 9. Press the X button to restart your console.